• 71 Baby Point Rd, York, ON M6S 2G5

Club Rules

Adjustments to Club Rules During COVID-19
  • Given high demand, court booking lead time has been extended.  Courts can now be booked up to 2 days in advance until further notice.
  • We are currently not allowing guests.
Player Guidelines and Tips During COVID-19
  • Refrain from playing if you are not feeling well, exhibiting flu-like symptoms or any other coronavirus symptoms.  
  • Practice physical distancing staying 6 feet away from other players at all times.  Unfortunately, handshakes, high-fives, and elbow taps are not permitted but a simple thumbs-up is a great alternative!
  • Sanitize or wash hands with soap before coming to court and after play.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and a small towel to the courts and use them throughout play as needed.  Avoid touching face with un-sanitized hands.
  • Avoid touching other players’ equipment and place personal items on separate benches or opposite ends of the bench.
  • Bring your own uniquely marked balls for gameplay and use them when serving.  Return other players’ balls with your racquet or feet.
Baby Point Club Tennis Guiding Principles and Values:
  1. Baby Point Club is a community club where members treat each other with courtesy, respect and equity.
  2. The Club’s tennis courts are available for the use of all tennis members in good standing including children, youth and adults.
  3. At all times members are expected to act in accordance with these guiding principles and values, use good judgment and adhere to the rules below. Members who fail to do so may lose their privileges.
Baby Point Club Tennis Rules:
  1. Tennis courts are for tennis only. No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades are permitted.
  2. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times while on the courts. No jeans or street shoes are permitted. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  3. Only members in good standing who have paid their tennis section fees may use the courts. This will be done on an honour system basis. *Please note that although shoe tags will not be used, the members-only rule will be strictly enforced for all play and lessons.
  4. Courts that are not otherwise required for organized adult and junior tennis, lessons, summer camps and club and inter-club tournaments are available for reservation or, if not reserved, on a “first come, first served” basis”.
  5. Players who have reserved a court have preference over those who have not.
  6. Courts may be reserved up to one day in advance of the day of play by placing the member’s current year magnetic board tag in the desired time slot on the Court Reservation Board. For example, on Monday a member may use their magnetic board tag to reserve a court for Monday or Tuesday only; On Saturday a member may use their magnetic tag to reserve a court for Saturday or Sunday only.  Members are required to remove their magnetic board tags after use.
  7. Groups of members may not reserve court time for successive hours by using different magnetic board tags or  a player reserving one hour and his or her opponent reserving the same or adjacent court for the second hour. After 1 hour of reserved time the court becomes available to waiting members on a “first come, first served” basis”. If no one is waiting, the players who reserved the previous hour may continue playing.
  8. If the reserving member whose magnetic tag has reserved a court time on the Court Reservation Board is not on court within 5 minutes past the reserved court start time the court becomes available to waiting members on a “first come, first served” basis”.
  9. Removing or moving another member’s magnetic board tag is not permitted unless the board tag has been left on the Court Reservation Board in error. In such cases the member’s tag should be placed at the bottom of the Court Reservation Board.
  10. Adult members have priority over junior members (16 years and under) only after 6.00 pm daily.
  11. Guests of members may play with the member a maximum of 3 times during the season. Guests wanting to play more frequently are required to join Baby Point Club as tennis members.
  1. Members who have lost their magnetic board tag may order a replacement, at a cost of $5.00 per tag, from the Board of Governors’ Tennis representative.
  2. Please report any breach of the above principles, values and rules to the Board of Governors’ Tennis representative.
  3. The Board of Governors reserves the right to rescind an offending member’s privileges.