• 71 Baby Point Rd, York, ON M6S 2G5

Social Circle

What is the Social Circle?

  • The Social Circle will allow us to spread the work of the club’s many events across a bank of various members!
  • Did you know that every year, we get fewer and fewer volunteers to run our beloved community events?
  • Now we can change it to ensure that everyone pitches in one small task – for example getting a few things from Loblaws, or helping to set up chairs – and that our events continue to run smoothly.
  • The truth of “many hands makes light work” is really apparent in our Baby Point Club. So join The Social Circle roster and be part of the amazing women and men we can call on to keep the traditions of our community club alive.

To RSVP or join, please email social@babypointclub.ca

Volunteer Positions: