• 71 Baby Point Rd, York, ON M6S 2G5

Member Code of Conduct

Statement of Inclusivity

The Baby Point Club is a volunteer-based non-for-profit organization that is inclusive and diverse, welcoming members from all backgrounds and identities. It is our mission to create a welcoming, fun and respectful environment that brings together this special community in a safe and caring way.

Expected Behaviour

  • Treat other members respectfully at all times, including language and physical contact
  • Show gratitude and respect to volunteers and organizers at events
  • Volunteer to help with or organize at least one event per year
  • Refrain from vaping or smoking anywhere on club property
  • We recognize pets are part of many families, however pets are not permitted on to club property
  • From time to time the club hosts events and alcohol is served, please consume alcohol responsibly


Consequences / Procedure for Board Member Contact

  • Visibly drunk / aggressive members may be asked to leave club events and are subject to board review that could result in a period of probation / membership termination.
  • Complaints (or kudos!) about member behaviour may be made in confidence to any board member either officially for board review, or kept “off the record”.
  • The procedure for official behaviour review will be kept confidential and all members will be treated with respect by the reviewing board.


Questions about the member Code of Conduct can be directed to any of the board members.