• 71 Baby Point Rd, York, ON M6S 2G5

Honourary members

We are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who have donated their time and talents to run many popular programs that keep the Club thriving.  These activities range from being a Board member to handle every kind of club issues, to organizing the ever popular Games Day and other social events; and from managing the tennis and lawn bowling programs to coordinating various fitness and wellness programs.  Collectively, the Board wants to thank everyone who has made Baby Point Club one of the most successful social and athletic clubs in Toronto.

The Board also wishes to recognize the following members who had shown an exemplary dedication to the club over the years:

Christine Anderson
Doug and Marion Crease
John Fauquier
Mary Forint
Don and Ivy Glover
A. McKinnell
Charles Munro
Elaine Murdoch
Alice Robertson
Dave and Maureen Taylor

Congratulations to the following members who have be selected as our 2020 Honourary Member:

Liz Howson is currently our vice president at the Club.  For over 30 years, she has been a valuable board member, an active tennis player and volunteer at club events.

Beverley Burke had run the women’s tennis program for years, and more recently managed the yoga program.  She was always active at Games Day and at the club dinner events.

  • All honourary members receive a complimentary lifetime membership at the Club.  To be considered for selection, each candidate is nominated based on the following criteria:
  • Membership at 30 years or more;
  • Must be actively volunteering at the club;
  • Has contributed the quality of club membership’s experience;
  • Can be nominated by the Board or club member, and voted by the Board; and
  • Nomination is supported by 2 current club members.

If you wish to recognize someone who has made a tremendously contribution to our club and has met the above selection criteria, please submit your nomination to any of the board members for consideration.

BPC Board