Spring 2023 Fitness offerings

The Club’s Fitness Coordinator is Eve Bennett, who can be reached at fitness@babypointclub.ca

Check out the amazing 8-week options below starting the first week of April. Nikki is back from BelleMethod & Catherine is offering some amazing Yoga & Pilates options. To register, visit the SHOP section of the website.

Morning Classes


Yoga Flow + Pilates Core with Catherine 

Tuesday, April 12 – May 31
9:30 – 10:30 am
$125 (8 weeks)

In the Yoga Flow we will move through a sequence of movements to create a dynamic and continuous flow from one yoga pose to the next. Inviting warmth into the body, the flows are designed to awaken the spine, encourage movement in all directions, increase muscular strength and endurance, all while linking our movement to our breath. Once our bodies are thoroughly warmed up we will perform a series of Pilates exercises that will focus on core strength while also toning muscles throughout the body, resulting in improve body alignment, balance and coordination. Come prepared for a work out!
Recommended props include a yoga/pilates mat, blanket/towel/pillow, 1-2 blocks, a strap, a flex band (4-5 feet long), a small stability ball and a bottle of water.

BelleMethod PILATES with Nikki 

Thursday, April 7 – May 26
9:30 – 10:30 am
$165 (8 weeks, 10 participants min)

BelleFusion Pilates is a transformative full-body workout performed to music combining Pilates technique, dance conditioning, the science of physical therapy and the zen of yoga. We build on Pilates principles and take abdominal work, toning and flexibility to a greater intensity using concentrated movements and deep muscle recruitment. We use small props for big results: bands, 2–3 lb weights and mini-balls. Prepare to strengthen, lengthen and sweat! You will connect to your body in new ways, learn to functionally fire your muscles and get radical results!

Evening Classes


Gentle Yoga with Catherine 

Monday, April 11 – June 6 (no class May 23)
7:15 – 8:15 pm
$125 (8 weeks)

This class is designed to make the many benefits of yoga available to a wide range of physical abilities in a relaxing, slow paced class. Focusing on gentle, organic movement, with the aim to improve range of motion, balance, strength and linking it all to the breath. This class is great for beginners and for all those looking for a nurturing and relaxing experience. Come to de-stress and recharge and to reclaim your ability to move with ease!
Recommended props include a yoga mat, blanket/towel/pillow, 1-2 blocks, a strap and a bottle of water.