Tennis Guiding Principles and Values

The Baby Point Club is a social and athletic club where members treat each other with courtesy, respect and equity.   The tennis courts are available for use by all tennis section members including children, youth and adults.  Members are expected to act at all times in accordance with these guiding principles and values, use good judgement and adhere to the rules below. 

Any breach of the principles, values and rules should be reported to the Board of Directors Tennis representative.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to rescind an offending member’s privileges.

Baby Point Club Tennis Rules

  1. COVID protocols will be followed in accordance with Provincial regulations.  In particular, no guests are permitted.
  2. Tennis courts are for tennis only.  No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades or other similar activities are permitted.
  3. Appropriate athletic foot wear (no street shoes) and attire is to be worn, in particular, shirts must be worn at all times.
  4. Only tennis section members in good standing who have paid their tennis section fees may use the courts.  This will be done on the honour system basis. Please note although shoe tags will not be used, the members-only rule will be strictly enforced for all play and lessons.
  5. Courts that are not otherwise required for organized adult and junior tennis including lessons, camps, club and inter-club tournaments are available for reservation through the on-line booking system.
  6. Courts may be reserved up to two days in advance.
  7. If a Member cannot use a reserved time the reservation should be cancelled through the on-line system even if it is at the last minute to make it clear to other members that the court is available.
  8. If the reserving member is not on the court within 10 minutes past the reserved court time, even if the court time is not officially cancelled, the court may become available to other members on a “first come first served” basis. 
  9. When guests are permitted, such guests may play with a member a maximum of three times during a season. Guests wanting to play more frequently are required to join as Club Members.