50th Anniversary – 1973

In February 1973,  Stuart Robertson was elected to the Board of Governors as the Governor in charge of tennis. Since it was the 50th Anniversary of the Club, he decided to celebrate it with a challenge tennis match between Baby Point Road vs. Baby Point Crescent. The residents of the cross streets joined those of […]

A Brief History of Games Day

It was 1976, Stuart Robertson said “If Montreal can have the Olympics, why can’t Baby Point?” He proposed a plan of having a day of competitions for members of all ages to the Board, who accepted the idea. However, there were many stumbling blocks. When approached by telephone no one wanted to help. Alice was […]

Did You Know…? The 1940s

In addition to tennis and lawn bowling, here are a few things that went on in the 1940s: Activities of the Ladies Section included weekly sewing days and book reviews. The War-workers met on Wednesday afternoons. In 1943, they made 478 garments and in 1944, they made 350, including quilting and knitting. The mortgage of […]

Did You Know … ? Early Club Objectives

The early values of the Club live on 100 years later: F.H. Dunham, Club President, in 1943 stated in his annual report, “Success, as I interpret it, is not necessarily measured by a bank balance but rather by achievement. The objects of our Club have been to cultivate and maintain a friendly feeling among our […]

An Invitation to join Baby Point Club Limited

In 1923, area residents purchased land situated at Baby Point Road and Baby Point Crescent from Robert Home Smith’s company, Humber River Real Estate, with the intent of forming a community club. As a condition of the sale, Home Smith stipulated that “the land shall not at any time … be used for any other […]


The Baby Point Club – Who we were is who we are The Baby Point Club has been from the beginning a social and athletic club run by and for its members. The Club is inspired by volunteerism – members joining together to make good things happen. That was true in 1923, and it’s true […]