1. The Baby Point Club is 100 years old in 2023?
  2. In 1919, Home Smith considered selling the one acre site at the junction of Baby Point Road and Baby Point crescent. However, Ann Bell, one of the earliest residents, and other residents, convince him to reserve the site for a community club. In 1923, interested persons bought the land for $5,000.
  3. The first President, Urias Hamilton, held the $2,500 mortgage?
  4. A share was sold to those who wished to become members and their name had to be proposed by an existing member?
  5. From the beginning in 1923 there was a Board of Directors, which consisted solely of male Club members; there was also a very active ladies section with their own President!
  6. In 1930, Urias Hamilton, donated the fence and gates in memory of his wife

The Clubhouse

  1. The original clubhouse was started in 1930. Access to the basement was through a trap door and ladder. Later extensions added a kitchen and washroom.

  2. In 1963, a sink and counter were installed in the Ladies Power Room and the door was relocated. Kitchen cupboards were also added for a total cost of $148.25. This same year, the Ladies’ Section raised money to install an acoustic ceiling and new lighting.

  3. In January 1979 updates included a new roof, new furnace, kitchen refurbishments and the chimney getting cleaned and rebuilt. On the grounds, the gutters were rebuilt around the bowling greens. Awnings were added adjacent to the greens and flower boxes donated by Vi Plewes (52 Humbercrest Blvd).

Games day

  1. Games Day was proposed in 1976 by Stuart Robertson and was originally called “Bâby Point Olympics”. In the second year, it was call “Bâby Point Commonwealth Games” in honour of the same being held in Edmonton. Eventually the name changed permanently to Games Day.

  2. One of the original events was a canoe race to honour the local history. Four teams ran around the Point carrying canoes. Then they had to pitch a tent, boil water and make a cup of instant coffee.

  3. Dessert was the result of an apple pie baking contest.

  4. Stuart Robertson wanted to honour hardworking member volunteers, so he came up with the idea of King and/or Queen. The first year’s Queen was “Queenie” McCrea (51 Bâby Point Crescent).