The Club has hosted tennis and lawn bowling since the very beginning, but did you know about these other activities, especially those geared to younger members?

In early 1948, a committee was formed to specifically address younger club members. This group was called the Juniors and was comprised of 16 girls and 22 boys. These Junior members paid fees separate from the family membership. The program was so successful that they had to limit the number of memberships. There were also 38 Juniors who used the Club facilities as part under their family’s membership. Initial programs included dances, Halloween and Christmas parties and sleigh rides. Mr. MacDonald of Humbercrest Public School even introduced the Juniors to Square Dancing. Most events were self-sustaining through the sale of Cokes.

During tennis season, there were weekly tournaments with championships on opening and closing days. In the winter, skating and hockey were added, including hockey for the girls, of which there were 15 regular participants.

The Juniors section membership fluctuated, but here is what it looked like over several years in the 1950s: 51 (’49); 57 (’50); 46 (’52); 38 (’54); 26 (’55); 32 (‘56) and 39 (‘57). These numbers may not include the Juniors qualifying under family memberships.