The early values of the Club live on 100 years later: F.H. Dunham, Club President, in 1943 stated in his annual report, “Success, as I interpret it, is not necessarily measured by a bank balance but rather by achievement. The objects of our Club have been to cultivate and maintain a friendly feeling among our neighbours; to support all worthy sport in our locality; to stimulate healthy recreation, and I believe we have been successful in that we have achieved our objectives during the past year, as indicated in the reports of the several committees.”

Similarly, as we celebrate the 100th year of the Club, it is heart warming to look back on remarks from the Club’s 25th anniversary. In the President’s Report on 1948, dated January 25, 1949, W.H. Bell remarked that, “we have just completed a quarter of a century of having the privilege of enjoying the neighbourly gatherings from week to week in Baby Point Club. Our Charter was granted on November 30th, 1923, and I trust that this club will go on for many years serving this community”.  If they could only see us now, celebrating 100 years!