The Baby Point Club – Who we were is who we are

The Baby Point Club has been from the beginning a social and athletic club run by and for its members.

The Club is inspired by volunteerism – members joining together to make good things happen. That was true in 1923, and it’s true today. People make things happen. For example, in 1976 some Club members decided that if Montreal could have an Olympics, Baby Point could have Games Day.

Our earliest activities, lawn bowling, tennis and skating, have grown to include much more as the Club responds to the changing needs of its members.

For instance, The Club has had in the past a nursery school, regular lunch get-togethers and canoe portage races. It continues to offer a range of activities, the character of which may change over time. Bridge forever! Lawn bowling is now beer and bowls. Regular organized adult tennis in the evenings.

What do you as a member want to do? It includes you. Our Club is made of families, couples, and singles; The Club aims to include all its members with activities to engage interests of all sorts.