In February 1973,  Stuart Robertson was elected to the Board of Governors as the Governor in charge of tennis. Since it was the 50th Anniversary of the Club, he decided to celebrate it with a challenge tennis match between Baby Point Road vs. Baby Point Crescent. The residents of the cross streets joined those of the Crescent to make the numbers even.

Stuart made a motion to the board to have special permission to obtain a license to sell beer on the grounds for that day. As the premises were ‘alcohol free’ in those days, the motion was unanimously defeated. Heinz and Edith Mueller (19 Baby Point Crescent) came to the rescue and set up a beer garden in their back yard for the day. There was a steady flow of pedestrian traffic across the Crescent that day!

For dinner, Stuart wanted to roast a pig on a large spit and so the quest began. Ross Turnbridge (2 Baby Point Terrace) secured the pig by driving to his cousin’s farm near Tillsonburg. Barry Blanchard (57 Baby Point Crescent) supplied the large BBQ with spit, which he had to deliver from his cement works in St. Mary’s. Dan DeMonte (98 Baby Point Road) agreed to be chef and Alice Roberson began a research project to learn how this pig should be cooked. This resulted in her finding a recipe which she found quite amusing and gave copies out as favours at the dinner as a joke. Somehow this recipe later found its way into the second Baby Point Cookbook. Cody Murphy (520 Baby Point Crescent) prepared a huge pot of baked beans, the whole DeMonte family got involved preparing reams of salad and many neighbours got involved preparing potato salad and desserts. The pig roast was well attended by well- wishers and basters as it turned on the spit all day.

Everyone was presented with a plastic bowler sporting a purple band that said, “Baby Point Club – 50th Anniversary”. A good day was had by all.

In the Fall of 1973, the Board put on a special dinner in the Clubhouse to commemorate this special occasion.

Stuart Robertson suggested that the Charter Members that were still members of the Club should be given Honorary Memberships and so this custom was begun. Among the recipients were Anne and Bill Bell, as well as Clint Bunston. The custom of awarding Honorary Memberships to members of long and active standing has continued.

For entertainment after dinner there was an attempt to conscript members to present mini skits. With only one skit, the idea wasn’t popular.